I’m Adam - aka Creative Intervention.

I’m a Leeds based freelance designer, helping companies put real heart into their brand and tell their stories.
With a whopping 18 years digital design experience under my belt, 10 of these in some brilliant agencies - I now work for myself, helping clients that need a creative leg-up. 

No big agency. No complicated processes.
Just me and my ideas. Simple. 

I’m passionate about designing for the greater good and taking on projects that aim to solve real problems.
It’s a great feeling to work with clients that are driven by making the world a little bit better. This same motivation drives me to design and create, and it makes the job a whole lot better when I know I’m crafting for a cause with integrity and good intentions.

All in all - creating brilliant work for thoughtful brands.
A bit about my skills
I specialise primarily in branding, websites (UX & UI) as well as creating beautiful illustrations. Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to work with a huge variety of clients, both big and small, in a range of sectors.
Whether it’s a mobile app or a printed brochure, I’m a firm believer in creating something which targets the primary audience. I’m all about “keeping it simple stupid” and find some designers fall into the habit of designing for themselves forgetting the purpose of a piece of work.
And a bit about me
Over the last decade I’ve helped bring many incredible fundraising projects to life and raised over £35k, and a lot of awareness for some great causes, in the process. Charity work and giving others a helping hand is something that’s pretty important to me - both personally and professionally. That’s why Creative Intervention will be donating a full day of design work, once a month, to help smaller companies or charities with their design needs. Whether this is a flyer design or some logo options. 
I’m also father of two, owner of a three legged cat and avid moustache grower once a year. 
So there you have it.

Let’s grab a coffee  - or if you’re more of an email person, drop me a line.
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